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Newfields | An Indianapolis Art Museum Wedding

April 6, 2020

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Apply for a Marriage License | Indiana Wedding Planning

It's all flowers and pretty dresses...

but don't forget your marriage license to make it official!


To be married in the State of Indiana, you must have a marriage license to make your nuptials legal. Here is the information you need to apply: 





Where toApply?

You'll need to apply in the county in which you or your groom currently reside.


Not an Indiana Resident?

Apply in the county in which your wedding will take place.


When to Apply:

We recommend applying at least 30 days and no more than 60 days prior to your wedding date.

An Indiana marriage license is valid for 60 days from it's issue date. 


Don't forget!  The county clerk's offices are closed on weekends & government holidays. 


What You'll Need:

Identification to prove name and date of birth.

Approved forms of I.D.: 

Drivers License (or state issued ID)

Birth Certificate



Genealogical Information:

The state will collect information for the State Library for the purposes of genealogy research. You'll need information on both your parents as well as the groom's:

Full Name, Last Known Address, & Birthplace  


Blood Test:

Worried about a needle prick? No blood test required, the state did away with this years ago.


How Much Does a Marriage License Cost?

$18.00 if you and/or your betrothed live in state.

$2.00 fee for each certified copy of the Marriage License. 


Some counties charge an additional $2.00 document fee.


Live out of State? $60.00 fee.


**Be prepared to pay these fees in cash as most counties only accept cash payments.** 


Additional Copies of the Marriage License:

You'll need additional certified copies of your marriage license to apply for name changes with different agencies such as the BMV and the Social Security Administration. 


Get A Head Start on Your Application!

Although by law you must appear in person (together) to complete the application and receive your license, you can save yourself some time at the clerk's office by starting the process online (as long as the county you are applying in  participates)!


For complete information regarding the laws, requirements and eligibility, visit the state's website here: Apply for a Marriage License: State of Indiana


Photo courtesy of Danielle Harris Photography