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Repeal 2023 | Lauren Hall | Event Planning

Repeal 2023 saw resounding success at its new location, Laurel Hall, where the ambiance exudes a timeless and vintage charm reminiscent of the 1930s. The venue was adorned with prohibition posters, creating an immersive atmosphere for the celebration. VIP attendees were greeted with complimentary champagne and exclusive access to a hidden saloon in the venue's basement, typically off-limits during events. The VIPs evening was futher elevated with delectable ramen crafted by Lil Dumplings Noodle Bar. Each room within Laurel Hall featured multiple bars with handcrafted cocktails made by the United Stated Bartenders Guild of Indianapolis. As guests meandered from bar to bar, they indulged in hors d'ouevres by T-Street Eatz and danced to nostalgic tunes played by Dysfunktion Brass. It was a night to remember celebrating the repeal of prohibition!

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