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When it comes to the week of your wedding, the last thing you want to do is run around, stressed and frazzled all week. Most of our couples have friends and family who genuinely want to help make the day extra special, so we've made a list of some tasks that while small, will take a large load off your plate. It may seem like a good idea to handle it all yourself, but save yourself the stress. Pre-plan who will do what and when to ensure a seamless day and week leading up to your wedding. You will thank yourself later for coasting into your day with as little stress overhead as possible.

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The items below are "if applicable". Every wedding is a little different so utilize the items that apply to you and your day.

Pre Wedding

  • Dress Pick Up & Storage > Many modern couples live together. After you attend your final alteration and have the dress steamed, you likely won't take it home for your fiancé to see. Who will store it for you? It should be someone who can hang it wrinkle free (not mushing it into a closet), has a no smoking and possibly pet free household (although pets wound' have poor intentions, avoid mishaps of claws and unwanted pet hair)

  • Prepare Guest Welcome Bags (guide on those here) > Prepare the assembly line! Invite over a few friends or turn them over to a group of aunts to assemble

  • Guest favor assembly > These could be done in tandem with the Welcome Bags

  • Pick up of out of town guests from the airport > If you are providing transport for some guests, like Grandma, have another family member pick her up for a personal touch

  • Specialty Item Pick up/Drop Off > Did you have something special constructed or delivered (champagne wall, giant escort wall, neon sign, etc...). Who will transport this for you?

  • Signage/paper pick up > Last minute printing pick ups are a pretty regular occurrence

  • Pack Coolers & Day of Snacks > Don't let your day dampen due to hanger or thirst. Include plenty of water, especially if you are adding in party essentials like alcohol.

  • Organize your Day of Wedding Items (BDE couples, see our "Wedding Checklist" under the "Tools" folder in your main wedding folder)

Chris J Evans

Day Prior

  • Ceremony Drop > Programs & ceremony items like unity candle to ceremony venue (if allowed)

  • Deliver Marriage License > to officiant/ ceremony venue (at rehearsal)

  • Reception Personals Drop> Deliver items such as place cards, guest book, and signage to wedding reception and/or wedding planners (BDE couples see "Wedding Checklist")

  • Dress & Details Drop off to Bridal Suite> Dress will need hung once in suite. Place your details to the side in one area where they won't be moved so they are ready for your photographer upon arrival (photo details are listed on the "Wedding Checklist")

Day Of

These items will be on your final timeline from BDE. We'll review in your final meeting, but you'll want to get them settled, first.

  • Pick up/Drop off Meals> You must eat! If you don't pre-plan this, it won't happen. Assign someone to deliver breakfast and lunch to both persons getting ready rooms. Sometimes one party starts far later than the other, luckies. It's okay to tell one party to come having eaten.

  • Coolers & Snack Boxes> Delivery, loading and unloading on transport (great task for groomsmen, college friends or uncles). Don't forget to include icing coolers: If you're staying at a hotel using the onsite ice machine is a great way to save time.

  • Transportation of Loved Ones > Is there someone special attending who can't drive or has special needs? Plan in advance who will take charge of their care for the day. Additionally, let our team know if you have any guests with mobility issues so we can work with you and the vendor team to ensure they are accommodated.

  • Pick Up of Gifts & Personals> Who will be in charge of taking your gifts, signage, guest book and other personal items at the conclusion of the event? You'll want to ensure they have a cleaned out car and are only committing to taking 1 additional passenger at the end of the evening. If you're a BDE bride, our team will load these into your onsite vehicle, storage room at the venue or hand off to resort staff to ensure they get to your hotel room onsite.

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Post Nuptials

  • Pick up your bags/dress from hotel > If you are leaving straight from the wedding night suite to your honeymoon, have someone pick up your wedding attire and overnight bags from the hotel. Most couples have family or friends staying at or in a nearby hotel that are happy to oblige. If they can't make it until later in the afternoon (recovery from the celebrations and all), check with your hotel to see if you can check your bags at the front desk for pick up.

  • Return vases to Florist > We recommend having your florist return for pick up. It's affordable and far less of a headache. Most florists will expect the vases to be returned on a specific day, and they will need to be packed properly to ensure they don't break. This is, however, a great option if you plan to have a day after brunch and want to reuse your centerpieces.

  • Return Cake Stand > If your cake is coming from an outside bakery, it will likely come with a rental cake stand that needs returned.

  • Send in your Marriage License > Technically charged to your officiant, but you'll want to double check this If they are not sending it, who can you trust to get that in the mail right away? Pro Tip: Send your marriage license in certified. It's an important personal document, you'll want to know it go to where it's going.

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