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How Do I Obtain My Marriage Certificate? | Wedding Planning Tips

You did it! You're married!! Congratulations!! Now, How do you get your hands on a certified copy of your marriage license, aka your Marriage Certificate?

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First, your officiant will need to send in your completed marriage license from the wedding day. Once that's complete you can apply for copies of your marriage certificate.

Each state has it's own set of process, and the steps can even differ from county to county. The division of the government you obtain copies from is called "Vital Records", however in many counties you will obtain the official copies from the county clerk's office or probate. If you are mailing in a completed request form with a self-addressed stamped envelope, make sure your envelope is a larger size if you don't want the certificates to be folded when they are sent back to you.


Lee County

You can search county records and download uncertified copies, here.

Order certified copies online, here. You can also mail in a request by following directions listed in number 4 on this page of the Lee County Clerk's website. Here is the fess schedule, on the cost of obtaining certified copies.

Manatee County

The Manatee County clerk's website state that they send one certified copy of your marriage license within 7-14 days of the marriage certificate being processed. If you need additional copies, they can be ordered from the State of Florida, Vital Records.


The county you obtained your Marriage Certificate in is the county you will need to request the documents from. If you live in Indiana, you needed to apply for a Marriage Certificate in the county you or your fiancé were residing in at the time of the application.

Hamilton County

The Hamilton County Clerk's office website says that in applying for your marriage certificate, the fee includes two certified copies of your certified marriage license. If you'd like to order additional copies, you can find more information on how to do so, here.

Marion County

Here is a link to directions on the county clerk's website. Please check here first to ensure instructions are still the same. If you are mailing in the completed form with a self-addressed stamped envelope, make sure your envelope is a larger size if you don't want the certificates to be folded when they are sent to you.

"To get certified copies by mail, send your completed form along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and a $2 money order for each copy to the Marion County Clerk’s Office.

Mail to:

Marion County Clerk’s Office

Records Division

1330 Madison Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46225"

You can also submit an online form here. Once you get to the public records request page, click, "Get Started". After the new page pops up, select "Government Requests" from the first dropdown menu. Under Agency on the second dropdown menu, select, " Marion County Clerk's Office". Fill in the remaining information and follow instructions. Make sure you write down any confirmation numbers so you can follow up at a later date if needed.

Click here for a step by step to obtain your Indiana Marriage License if you aren't married yet!

South Carolina:

Charleston County:

After your wedding ceremony has been complete and the license has been filed and certified by the court, you can apply for certified official copies of your marriage license. These cost $5.00 per copy via credit card. Follow this link to request certified copies of your marriage license from your Charleston Wedding.

Click here for a step by step to obtaining your Charleston Marriage license if you haven't tied the knot!

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