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How To Include Cocktail Bars In Your Wedding | Wedding Planning

It almost seems as though the wedding world of early 2020 and prior is decades in the past. Wedding trends of a post-pandemic world are leaning bigger and more eccentric, colorful, and steeped with meaning. Couples are leaning into the opportunity to make memories with the people they love, and in many cases haven't seen in years now. To do so, they're creating unique experiences for their guests that will stand out from other weddings. One of the things that couples are diving into in a bigger way than before, is custom bar experiences. Keep scrolling for all you need to know about including a custom bar with your big day!

What is the Trend?

According to the experts in all things chic and trendy, Vogue, having multiple satellite bars (including specialty bars), is the 2022 way to have a trendy wedding. This builds off of the custom cocktail trend and elevates it a little bit further. We're still all for having custom cocktails, but this next-level option makes the whole bar a custom experience.

From themed bars featuring your custom cocktails to specialty bars like a tequila or whiskey bar, the sky is the limit when planning what your wedding's bars will look like. Creating craft cocktails with fresh, and often local, ingredients elevates the entire experience for your guests. These cocktail menus can be curated As couples seek to create memorable overall experiences for their guests from start to finish, peppering in thoughtful beverages to pair with culinary moments can pack a huge punch.

Danielle Harris Photography + Mirth & Myrrh

For the Boozers and Shakers

Cocktail aficionados and those who dabble more casually, the sky is the limit when it comes to wedding beverages. The cocktail experts at Mirth and Myrrh have a completely customizable approach to creating your wedding day bar. "We can create cocktails for your event based off of colors, flavors, spirits, food menus, locations, & more." The team of seasoned cocktail artists can pull inspiration from anything and anywhere to provide a unique experience for your guests.

Not sure about how this trend works with your wedding day plan? One of the trends that keeps gaining traction is full wedding weekends. While for many this may mean a smaller, more intimate guest list, it is a great chance to lock in quality time with your guests. If it doesn't make sense to have additional bars at your wedding reception, a custom bar or cocktail-making class at another wedding weekend event is the perfect way to give your guests a unique experience.

Danielle Harris Photography + Mirth & Myrrh

All in the Details

Outside of creating a special experience for your big day, hiring a private bar service can also save you some logistical headaches. Various cities and states have different rules in place when it comes to serving liquor at events. The last thing you want to discover on your wedding day is that the proper licensing is not in place. Oftentimes couples want to hire their favorite local bartender to hop behind the bar and serve the goods the caterer has provided, but unfortunately, that's not an option. By hiring a trusted service like Mirth and Myrrh, just as you'd hire a florist or DJ, you're ensuring that an important element of the day is in good hands.

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When looking at the wedding day (or wedding weekend) as an entire experience there are so many opportunities to create magical memories to be shared between you and your guests. Oftentimes couples are looking for ways to make their day stand out from the crowd and feel like a far cry from a cookie cutter wedding. Adding elements like custom bars, filled with fresh, local ingredients, and drinks crafted by those who have studied the art of cocktails can take an event from good to spectacular. This is one wedding trend that we know will be here for the long haul.

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