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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Signage and Printed Items | Pro Wedding Tips

Table numbers, escort cards, programs, welcome signs ... the list goes on and on when it comes to printed items for a wedding! While a handful of printed pieces are must-haves, many of them are simply fun add-ons for a couple to take or leave. When it comes to wedding day signage it's great to remember that sometimes less is more and sometimes more is better! To navigate the decision-making process we've broken down a few of the key categories of signage and printed pieces to consider for your wedding day.

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Wedding Menu
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First Impressions

Before your out-of-town guests ever arrive at the wedding venue you have a chance to make a splash and set the tone for the weekend with a warm welcome. If you have a room block reserved, it can be a thoughtful (and helpful) addition to have signs printed up for the hotel. You may want to include a welcome sign, custom tags for welcome bags, and a schedule for the weekend. If you're providing a shuttle don't forget to create a sign to direct guests to the vehicle and one for the vehicle to let them know when they've found the right one. Be sure to confirm and get approval from the hotel on any signage prior to having it designed and printed.

Wedding Signage Ideas
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Guide the Way

With the flow of every wedding being a bit different, guests can sometimes be left scratching their heads. It can be exceptionally helpful to the flow of the day to really spell things out for guests. In the case of directional signage, more is absolutely better. As your guests arrive they should be greeted by a welcome sign that confirms they've come to the right place (extra crucial in a shared venue space!) with personal details along the lines of "Welcome to the wedding of ..." or a welcome sign with your monogram and custom details.

After they've been welcomed to the venue, for each portion of the event that follows, especially those in venues where many separate spaces will be used, it is helpful to denote which space is used for what. Include signs to direct from ceremony to cocktail hour, and then from cocktails to dinner and dancing. Among the directional signage, include a schedule somewhere easily accessible. Once the cocktail hour drinks start flowing it can be hard to keep guests on track, so your perfectly planned timeline will thank you for keeping guests in the know about the flow of the night.

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Signage
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Inform and Instruct

In the informational category, there are a few must-haves. With two families coming together for the night, consider the ceremony program equal parts run of show and introduction. In addition to laying out the order of events, the program will give your guests a chance to get to know the names of your future in-laws and wedding party so the who's who of the rest of the evening is a bit smoother.

Post-ceremony you and your squad will likely be wrapped up in group photos so your cocktail hour should have plenty of signs to keep everyone in the know. Print up any descriptions of specialty cocktails and bar signs to key your guests in on what is available and allow this to serve as a time when they can familiarize themselves with the seating for the reception. As the guests sip and mingle it's helpful to have a seating chart or escort card table that is clearly marked to prevent some of the delays that can throw off dinner. Oftentimes caterers, wedding coordinators, and venue staff will be available to help those who are unsure, but the most seamless way to get people to their seats on time is through easily accessible, clearly marked seating information.

Other can't miss signage can include everything from instructions on signing the guest book to sparkler exit instructions. As you determine little add ons to take your wedding from good to great, signage can be a fun way to let your guests know the various amenities and activities you have for them. If you plan to provide amenities in the restrooms or items like shawls for after sunset or flip flops for dancing it's helpful to let guests know the items are there for the taking so you don't end up with loads of excess at the end of the night.

Unique Guest Book Ideas
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Deck the Tables

As you begin to design your guest tables be sure to consider all of the elements you may need, such as menus, place cards, and table numbers or table names. With glasses, flatware, varying plates and pre-plated items, the table can easily become crowded, but having just a few printed items is always helpful. While menus aren't a must-have, they can be a nice touch and a way to remind those guests who made their meal selections months ago, what may be in store for them. Favors that will be placed on the table may also require a sticker, tag, or some kind of decorative packaging so they don't look out of place on your gorgeously design tabletop.

Wedding Paper Needs
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Decor and More

Monogrammed signs, quotes, and custom imagery are all in the optional category. While we love to see a good monogram or custom crest, some budgets simply won't allow it. If you are on the fence about this portion, try to design and purchase items that may be able to be used in your home after the event. An elegant monogrammed piece or uniquely designed pieces with the wedding date, a watercolor image of the venue, or an engagement photo are all good options for decorative items that have a life beyond the wedding day.

As a general rule of thumb with decorative signs, increasing the number of them can be a great option for filling space in a blank slate venue, but we recommend going light on them in historic spaces or statement venues where the surroundings provide a great ambiance on their own. Adding too many additional signs and decorative pieces can begin to feel like more is more, and the budget for those items can be redirected to something like an extra floral piece or a honeymoon fund where there's more bang for the buck.

Wedding Signage Ideas
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The clearer and more descriptive you are in creating your wedding day signs and printed pieces, the more likely you are to have a day that pans out just as you planned. Before diving into printing and sourcing any of these elements try to hone in on your colors or theme. Keeping a cohesive theme or story throughout the signage and printed items will ensure that things feel thoughtfully chosen and curated. Consider bringing design elements from the invitation and save the dates through to your venue signs, welcome baskets, and place cards. Subtle things like a consistent theme and a clear, well-directed layout of the day not only help keep everything on track, but ensure that every element of your day is brought to fruition in style.

Wedding Day Signage & Wedding Day Paper

*Remember this is all optional, up to your discretion, budget and creativity!

  • Room Block Signage

  • Transportation Signs (Your names in the dash of any group trasnport/ directions to drop off/pickup)

  • Welcome Bag Inserts & Gift Tags (weekend itinerary / local map/ name tags)

  • "Welcome to the Wedding Of..."

  • Schedule of Events

  • Unplugged Ceremony

  • Programs

  • Directional Signage (ie: Ceremony this Way)

  • Memory Table: "In Memory Of" or "We Come from a Long Line of Love"

  • Bar Menu / Special Cocktails

  • Please Sign Our Guest Book

  • Cards/Gifts

  • Seating Chart/ Escort Cards / Place Cards

  • Table Numbers

  • Menus

  • Monograms/ Custom Signage

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