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Wedding Guest Book Ideas | Wedding Planner Tips

A quick scroll of Pinterest reveals the absolute myriad of creative options for wedding guest books. Whether you’re a traditionalist or looking for a modern take on this age old tradition, there’s something to fit every couple’s style. We’re sharing some of our favorite ideas to give you a head start on finding the perfect guest book for your wedding day!

For the Traditional Couple

When looking for a guest book you want to remember that this is a keepsake where each guest can leave their indelible mark on your wedding day. Few companies create higher quality photographic prints than Artifact Uprising and they offer a huge variety of customizable, hardcover wedding guest books. Fill the book with images of your love story and lots of blank space for your guests to leave their messages. The high quality, elegant nature of their products make these books the perfect additions to your coffee table book stack. If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, there are countless beautiful, high quality books on sites like Etsy, Paper Source has a beautiful selection; any of which would be a great topper to your coffee table book stack. Your sweet notes from guests never have to be more than an arm’s reach away.

For the Modern Couple

If a traditional guest book doesn’t suit your fancy, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing an alternative. We’re sharing a few of our favorite options, but with everything from custom wood puzzles to paper airplanes and quilts suggested on top wedding blogs, if you can write on it, you can use it as a guest book.

One of our absolute favorite ideas is also a tried and true, interactive option for your guests - date jars. Asking your guests to share a date idea is a great way to make sure your guests’ presence is felt far beyond the wedding day. We love the idea of pairing your date jar with an instant camera in a couple of ways. One option is to have your guests include a selfie with their date suggestion. As you complete a date, pop the suggestion and their selfie in an album. Another fun take, is to snap a photo of you and your new spouse bringing the date idea to life, and to add a photo and their date suggestion to an album. It’s a simple, but memorable way to keep the wedding day spirit alive and remember the way each guest has touched your lives since.

If a date jar isn’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for a big and bold way to remember your guests, you can commission custom posters of everything from a watercolor of you and your love to the constellations overhead the night of the wedding. Having your guests sign a piece of art can be a great way to make sure your nearest and dearest and the memories of your most magical day are hung in your home as a daily reminder of your wedding and those who joined you.

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Guest Book Checklist

Our guide wouldn't be complete without a checklist! Here are a few items to help you get started:


  • How will you display the guest book? Will you require a table or an easel? Check with your venue to see if they provide the display type you'll need and double check the sizing. If the venue doesn't have anything, touch base with your rental company to ensure you have a table of the right size and a linen, if applicable.


  • Stock up on writing utensils, batteries, cameras, film or any other necessary items to make your guest book a success ... and don't forget jars or baskets to hold it all.


Regardless of which option you choose, don’t forget to create a sign to draw your guests over to your guest book. Whether it’s an Instax camera and date jar or a custom print, you want to grab the attention of your guests and be sure each and every one of them leaves their mark on your guest books and your hearts forever.

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Things to Consider

As you consider your guest book you’ll want to think about what specific purpose this wedding tradition serves for you. You may simply want a small reminder of who was by your side on your special day. Or you may want to look back and see the unique personality of your guests.

Are you hoping for personalized messages and meaningful notes? If so, consider the surface area of the object your guests will be signing. Guest book puzzles and cork jars are a fun option, but surface area will prohibit guests from writing much more than their name. Is this something you’ll want to see daily or do you envision it as more of something that will be pulled out from time to time when you and your love are feeling nostalgic? This may help you decide between a coffee table book and a poster of your wedding venue. Investing in a custom poster is a fun option for the day, but if it will just be shoved in a closet afterwards perhaps it isn’t the best option. Whether you take a modern approach or the traditional way, you can't go wrong if you choose something you love.

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