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How to Incorporate your Pet into Your Wedding | Wedding Planning Tips

You love your fur-baby so it only makes sense that they'd have a co-starring role in the biggest day of your life! There are so many fun and memorable ways to incorporate your pet into your day, but there are also many important details to plan for, especially if they're joining you for the wedding.

Florida Wedding with Pets
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Before you fully commit to having your pets play a role in your wedding day, you should look into your venue's pet policy. Some will allow them in certain spaces, others may simply allow them outside for photos, and some may not allow them at all. Once everything is cleared with your venue you can get down to the fun part and begin planning. A great way to incorporate your pets into the day in a big way, is to have them walk down the aisle with members of the wedding party. This option is perfect for furry friends who may be more likely to go rogue, as they can easily be redirected before heading down the aisle if needed (pro tip: bring them to rehearsal to do a test run!). If they're exceptionally well trained and trustworthy, they can take on one of the most important jobs of the day and serve as the ring bearer. Be sure to speak with your florist about creating a little floral wreath to make sure they're dressed to the nines just like the rest of the wedding party!

Joining the Celebration

If your fur-babies are joining you on the wedding day it's important to clearly define exactly which festivities they are involved in and who is in charge of getting them to and from their important duties. If your pets are coming down the aisle will they be expected to stay at the front with you and the wedding party? Will someone be standing by in the wings to take them to another location? Often couples have family or friends who are eager to help in any way, so this is a great duty to hand off to that person who is still waiting for a wedding day job. Once your pets have had their moment in the spotlight we recommend having their chaperone hand them off to a local pet sitter like Indy Pups, who offers customizable packages. If you can book a customizable package, ask if the sitter is able pick them up from the venue so you can make sure they're safe and sound (and not tucked away somewhere digging into your venue damage deposit) while you enjoy your meal and dance the night away.

Photos on the Big Day

If you're not able to have your pets join you in a formal portion of the big day, having them swing by for a quick photo session is a great option. Arranging for a friend or pet sitter to bring them by for a few scheduled photographs is a great way to make sure you have them there without worrying about tending to them all day. You'll simply want to ensure that your photographer factors those shots into their scheduled shot list so they can account for that and you can convey the timeline to your pet sitter.

My Fur Baby Can't Join the Day of

Of course, there are countless unique ways to incorporate your beloved pets into the wedding without having them there with with you. Some of our favorite ways to feature pets include naming signature cocktails after them, cake toppers made to their likeness, and table names and numbers dedicated to them. Not only does this honor your pets and keep them there in spirit, it's one additional way to incorporate your personality and one-of-a-kind touches into your wedding.

If you're looking for an exceptionally unique way to honor your furry family and celebrate your union, custom crests can be commissioned by artists, like Simply Jessica Marie. These can create a cohesive symbol of the day to be featured on everything from cocktail napkins and menus, to programs, to a print to decorate the venue and then bring into your home after the big day.

Pet Wedding Menu
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Whether your pets are joining you on the magical walk down the aisle, or immortalized forever in a cake topper, there are endless ways to make sure they're a part of your wedding day.

The sky is the limit and as with all things wedding related, the more you honor the things that mean the most to you, the more meaningful and memorable your day will be!




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