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Why Should I Book A Professional Wedding Planner?

Once you've said "yes" to that all-important question, it's time to dive into wedding planning. Some couples know from the start that a wedding planner is in the cards for them, but for others the decision takes time. Until you've started the process it can be hard to fully comprehend just how time-consuming every step of planning a wedding can be. Whether a planner was always in the cards, or you're still toying with the idea of full-service, versus wedding coordination (commonly called day-of coordination), versus doing it all alone, we're here to share a few of the reasons to say "yes" to a professional wedding planner.

Paris Wedding Planner
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The Expert Touch

There is a reason why wedding planning exists and thrives as a profession. These are individuals who have devoted countless hours of hands-on experience to their craft and know the ins and outs of what works and what doesn't. All of this experience means they are able to foresee any obstacles and pain points before they even cross your radar.

If you book full-service planning, you will have an extra set of eyes on every contract prior to signing, which is worth its weight in gold. Contracts vary from vendor to vendor even within the same group of services, so having an extra person in your corner to make sure everything is clear is very important. The literal and figurative value that comes with a seasoned professional making sure every aspect of every contract is reviewed, understood, and executed to perfection is immeasurable.

Destination Wedding Planner
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Spend to Save

There are some areas in life where you have to spend a little more upfront, for savings in the end. Investing in an experienced, well-connected wedding planner can translate into huge savings. Most wedding planners have a network of vendors and contacts that they've worked with time and time again and this familiarity can lead to improved service ... and maybe even a discount. While there are no guarantees, a referral discount, vendor code, or another arrangement could potentially be offered on various services.

Additionally, there's money to be saved when you have someone on your team helping you manage your budget. Planners know where the hidden (often avoidable!) extra costs can pop up, so having someone on your team to watch for those items can lead to savings. Plus, the age-old saying of "time is money" is never more true than in wedding planning, so getting some of your precious time back by handing off some tasks to your planner is a worthwhile investment!

Indianapolis Wedding Planner
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From Dream to Reality

To bring your vision to life you may need some backup from someone who has been there before. Not only will a wedding planner be able to help your translate your vision from a Pinterest board to the real-life wedding of your dreams, but they'll also be able to help you make any adjustments to take it from internet dream to reality. If you're in love with a boho desert wedding aesthetic, but budget, available dates, and location have led you to an indoor wedding in a ballroom, your planner can help translate that vision to work in the space in a way that makes sense. Looking for an English countryside, Bridgerton-inspired soiree in the Midwest? Your planner will know what venues to look at, which vendors to book, and what rentals to bring in to transform any space. The ability to take things that maybe seem impossible and bring them to life is a true talent, and your trusted wedding planner just so happens to have that.

Charleston Wedding Planner
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Logistical Support

Whether you've booked a full-service wedding planning package or wedding coordination (aka day-of-coordination), you'll have loads of important discussions with your planner prior to the big day. While you're getting ready to walk down the aisle and enjoying all of the precious moments of your day, your wedding planner will be there with the various vendors to convey your vision and ensure that it is executed just as you imagined without you ever having to leave the hair and makeup chair. Without this logistical support, there's a risk of miscommunications between vendors, or on the flip side, a morning full of interruptions with questions while you're trying to get ready. Nothing takes you out of the zone faster than discussing napkin folds with the caterers right before walking down the aisle, so leave that to your trusted wedding planner.

Wedding planners can also help you ease from your wedding into newlywed life without a care in the world. After you say your vows and have the send-off of your dreams, there's still work to be done. Many of those in the early phase of the wedding planning process don't think about what happens at the end of the night, but with rental items to be removed from the space, rooms to reset, vendors to coordinate with for pickups, there's still a lot to manage even after the last of the guests have left. Your wedding planner can help ensure everyone is on the same page prior to the wedding day so the end of the night moves like a well-oiled machine.

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Staying Two Steps Ahead

There are a million moving pieces that go into a wedding day and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Planning a wedding is like a months-long bout with that nagging feeling that you left your straightener on, over and over. Your wedding planner is hired to be two steps ahead and always thinking about those easily forgotten items before they cross your mind. The chances are good your planner has worked at your venue before or has worked with your vendors a time or two, so they can predict what obstacles you may encounter long before they even cross your mind. Whether that's predicting the idiosyncrasies of a vendor or knowing the hidden secrets of your venue, this insider knowledge can be immensely helpful in creating a laid-back wedding day that you and yours can enjoy.

Working with a wedding planner may tack an additional expense onto your overall budget, but in the end, the value brought to the table will be immeasurable. From gaining back sleepless nights to nailing a perfect sendoff at the end of the wedding night, investing in planning can take you from engagement to newlywed life with ease.



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