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Create The Perfect Soundtrack for Your Wedding Day | Wedding Music

Every romantic comedy has a soundtrack that makes your heart sing and the soundtrack to your wedding day should be no different. It should be just as evocative as the score to your favorite film. We've broken the wedding down into three main portions and created a guide to help you choose the perfect songs to make your wedding day unique and special for you.

Bride and Groom First Dance
Jordan Voth Photography

Wedding Ceremony Music

We recommend keeping the music timeless, romantic, and instrumental for your wedding ceremony. This is the first time your guests will see you on the big day so you want to make sure the music enhances the moment without distracting from it. Depending where you're holding the ceremony there may be some limitations on the music you're allowed to choose or even a specific list you must choose from. Assuming you're holding it in a location with no restrictions we have a few suggestions.

Try to think of things that are unique and important to you and your love, to get started. Do you and your fiancé share a favorite film? Many films have instrumental soundtracks that can make your walk down the aisle feel instantly iconic and cinematic. How about a strong tie to your heritage? This can be a great moment to honor your personal and shared family histories, through music. Whether it's an Italian classic or a Celtic inspired tune with bagpipe, curating your soundtrack intentionally can be a great way to insert your personality into your wedding day.

The recessional song is the final piece of the ceremony music puzzle. It is what you will exit to, in celebration. Think of this as the moment to exhale and bask in your joy. Months, maybe years, have been leading up to this very moment. Envision it: You and spouse have had your first kiss and turn around to see your loved ones clapping, smiling from ear to ear; you want a song to match that unparalleled bliss! Find a song that makes you feel like you're walking on air, that you can't help but boogie to.

There are many moments to envision for your ceremony that will need music, check out our post on 7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Ceremony Processional. Make sure not sure no detail is left out!

Wedding Reception Songs

The wedding reception music should be timeless, energetic, and fun! You're creating a soundtrack that covers a variety of diverse and important moments for the wedding reception . Everything from the introduction of the newlyweds to the background music for the meal, to the first dances and a packed dance-floor. Imagine the ambience you would like to create throughout the festivities and the feeling you want people to have through the evening, then build from there. If you're having a destination wedding, this could be a great moment to introduce some of the local flavor.

Once you've narrowed the overall feeling of the event, it's time to build the framework of your playlist. You have one goal; to get people energized and moving! Start with tunes that have stood the test of time. There's a reason the classics are classics, and they'll appeal to your guests, no matter their age. Once everyone is on the dance floor, the hard work is done. This is a great time to lean on your DJ or band and let them work their magic. Collaborate with them in advance by providing some of your personal favorites and any songs that you would specifically like to keep off the playlist. If your DJ understands what your likes and dislikes are, they can build out hours worth of tunes and read the crowd once the party starts to keep people cutting the rug all night long.

Send Off Music

Whether you're doing a sparkler send off to hop into a limo or riding off in a cute little vintage car a la Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, your exit should be just as legendary as the soundtrack you've so perfectly selected for the wedding day up to this point. Style Me Pretty created a great list of The Greatest Wedding Exit Songs of All Time, with something for every type of couple. This is the start of forever, so be sure to ride off into the sunset and say goodbye to your guests with one of your favorites!

Grand Wedding Exit
Chloe Luka Photography

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