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The Ultimate Guide To Parent Dances | Wedding Planning Tips

The wedding reception offers a time for you and/or your new spouse to share a dance with someone special in your lives, as you leave single life and officially embark on your forever journey together. Before you sail into the celebrations, you have the opportunity for one last dance with your father or mother (or maybe it's your sibling or grandmother). We're sharing our tips for planning this spotlight moment.

Scottish Rite Cathedral Wedding
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Tip #1

Make it Your Own

Choose a song style that fits you. It can be quirky and funky or slow and sway-ee. Choreograph a dance or enjoy the time to share a special slowed down moment.

Don't be afraid to dance with someone else important and special to you: mother daughter / sister brother / aunt nephew, etc. The day is yours to celebrate!

Mother Son Dance
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Tip #2

Narrow Your Search

Think about genres of music you and your parent (or other special person) like to listen to together; or music that they love. It may surprise them if you choose a song from their favorite band or artist.

Tip #3

Consider the length of the song

Is the song long or short? If the song is longer than 3 minutes and you aren't doing a choreographed dance, consider shortening the song to 2 minutes. This allows you to have a spotlight moment without feeling like it's dragging on too long. If you and your parent love a moment to shine: Take your moment and dance your dance.

Let your band or DJ know where to start and stop the song when you submit your song lists, so they're sued up to play it just how you imagined on the big day.

Father Daughter Dance
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Tip #4

Schedule the Dances

Build the parent dances into your wedding reception schedule. These typically take places after toasts, but before the dance floor is open. Take the length of the song into consideration when thinking about how long these will realistically take.

Tip #5

Remind Your Love Ones

Remind parents or extra special loved ones the week of the wedding that you are sharing a special dance and when it is scheduled to take place at the reception. We like to let parents know what will be happening directly before their dance, so they are prepared for their moment to shine on the wedding day!

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