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7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Ceremony Processional | Wedding Ceremony Tips

Creating the perfect flow to your wedding ceremony processional can be confusing and overwhelming. We've listed out the important people and when they should walk down the aisle to make planning your processional as easy as possible The perfect flow to beginning your wedding ceremony is just a few simple steps away!

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Seating of Grandmothers

This is a nice way to honor grandparents who are proud to be a part of your day. Take into consideration their mobility and the location of your ceremony. We recommend always asking if they would like to walk down the aisle before placing their names on a program.

Seating of Mothers

The seating of mother's is typical in a secular ceremony and a tradition among non-secular ceremonies. We have also seen the mother's escorting their respective children, bride and groom, with the fathers. You may prefer to skip the seating of parents all together.

*In a Jewish ceremony, both parents escort their children down the aisle

Groom's Entrance

The groom can enter with the officiant, walk in his mother or grandmother, or lead the groomsmen in single file.

Pro Tip: If the groom is escorting his mother down the aisle, have his dad follow behind so that both parents can be recognized. This also gives the photographer the opportunity to snap a family photo (given you practice at the rehearsal. Pause, and father steps forward for a moment, before proceeding down the aisle).

Wedding Attendants


The groomsmen usually enter following behind the groom, with the best man in the lead. They may enter down the main aisle or from a side entrance.

You can also opt to have the groomsmen escort the bridesmaids down the aisle. An especially good idea if your ceremony is outside. A strong arm will help keep your ladies steady. The best man would be last if the men are escorting ladies so that he is paired with the Maid of Honor.


Bridesmaids are the last to enter before the bride (with the exception of ring bearers/flower children). Bridesmaids may enter one by one or escorted by groomsmen. The Maid/Matron of Honor is the final lady to walk in the order of bridesmaids.

Ring Bearers & Flower Children

We recommend sending all children down the aisle together, especially if they are young. Children tend to do better in a group rather than alone. It can be terrifying to walk into a room full of staring grown ups as an adult, let alone a small child.

Additionally, you can opt to have the children stand with the wedding party or take a seat with their parents.

Here Comes the Bride

The modern bride has many choices! Whether you'd like to show your strength and walk solo, dawn your father's arm, or walk with another revered family member, it's your moment to shine! Make it fully you.

Other Things to Consider

Family Dynamics Do you have family dynamics that make this process a little difficult? Reach out to your #BDE planner, we'd love to chat through what works best for you!

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