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5 Ideas For an Unforgettable Send-Off | Pro Wedding Tips

Whether it's after the last bottles of champagne have been popped and the final partiers have left the dance floor, or as you head down the aisle for the first time as newlyweds, we love to see an epic send-off. Based on the logistics of the day it may make sense to go out with all the pomp and circumstance just after vows have been exchanged, or it may be more impactful to close out the night with the wow moment. Regardless of where the send-off falls in the timeline, we have five ideas, some new, some tried and true, for an unforgettable send-off.

Traci and Troy


Is there anything more festive than filling the air with confetti? It's hard to be anything but completely giddy as the little bits of colorful happiness fly through the air. Plus, it looks amazing in photos. As many couples move towards more eco-conscious choices for their weddings, the traditional confetti is taking a backseat. These days there are tons of great options for confetti, including biodegradable options. From biodegradable rice paper and seed paper to lavender and tiny rose buds, the market is now full of beautiful, colorful, and earth-friendly confetti. If you're a BDE couple, we require use of biodegradable confetti (if it's approved by your venue).

Pro Tip: When it comes to confetti of any kind, biodegradable or not, it's crucial to first connect with your venue. It's highly likely that you'll need to arrange for someone to clean it all up at the end, so do your due diligence to make sure it's approved ahead of time and a clean-up crew is in place! Nothing takes away the joy of confetti like a lost damage deposit!

Glow Sticks

Attention couples who love neon signs and partying well into the night, this one is for you. Everyone else, hear us out. We know glowsticks can feel like they belong at a festival or a college party, but it's actually possible to incorporate them into an elegant wedding and use them in a way that feels elevated. To avoid the rave vibes. you can keep it streamlined with a single color, like white, which creates a beautiful photo effect. For the couples who love to make a statement, go for the bold and offer your guests a selection of bright colors to choose from.

Balloon Send Off
Danielle Harris Photography


For the same whimsical effect as confetti, but a bit more of a a more mess-free alternative, look no further than the old familiar favorite, bubbles. Much like their confetti counterparts, the iridescent bubbles filling the air make for a great photo op. Just like confetti, there's something exceptionally fun and nostalgic about bubbles, so you're guaranteed to have lines of giggling guests sending you on your way. The little containers can easily be personalized with your wedding colors or monogram by popping on a sticker or tag from your day of stationer or one of the many Etsy vendors creating them.

Danielle Harris Photography

Wave Streamers

We love this option because it can feel very retro, and also allows for the incorporation of your wedding color scheme in a big way. One of the key elements in selecting a send-off is, of course, creating a beautiful photo, and lines of guests waving colorful streamers is one for the books. We suggest purchasing streamers on little wooden wands or using a DIY kit, like this one from The Knot, to create your streamers. The perk of streamers is that you can add all of the fun and festivity of colorful confetti without the mess and cleanup - and we promise, the less mess and cleanup on your wedding day the better!

Chloe Luka Photography

Sparklers or Fireworks

For the couple looking to really make a statement and have their own movie moment, few things are more powerful than being sent off with fireworks in the sky above you. This is not an easy feat, so it certainly won't apply to most weddings. The good news, a sparkler exit can be just as dramatic! When it comes to sparkler exits there are a lot of logistics to take care of. Before you purchase your sparklers or commit to this plan venues and vendors will need to be consulted. Luckily we have an entire guide for you here to ensure that you have all of your ducks in a row before a single sparkler is lit.

Danielle Harris Photography

Once you've decided on your unforgettable send-off, it's time to pop it onto your timeline and add any supplementary items to your to-do list. Get some signage printed so guests know what to grab, whether that's a sparkler or a bottle of bubbles, and denote when the send-off will be taking place. If you're opting for an end-of-the-night send-off, loop in your DJ so they can make an announcement to get all of the partiers off the dancefloor in time. We love a send-off, no matter where it falls in the timeline because it's such a beautiful, shared expression of joy, and the perfect culmination of so much planning. That's why an unforgettable send-off is one of the best ways to close out the wedding planning phase and finally begin your forever.

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