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7 Steps to a Successful Sparkler Exit | Pro Wedding Tips

It's undeniable - few things create a more show stopping end to a wedding than a sparkler exit. We've all seen the photos snapped in those perfect moments when all of the smiling guests are bidding farewell to the newlyweds in a shower of light and sparkle. If you and your partner are yearning to have the sparkler sendoff at the end of your wedding we have the tips for how to have a successful, cinematic exit.

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1. Get Permission

First things first, check with your wedding venue to ensure you're allowed to have your sparkler exit and that no additional fees will be incurred. Once you get the go-ahead from the venue, it's time to start working on the logistics!

2. Safety First

One of the key components for a sparkler sendoff is arranging for a bucket of water or two where guests can either extinguish their sparklers when it's over. The venue or caterer may be able to provide this, but if they can't, be sure to bring along your own fire-safe bucket. When it is time to gather everyone, ensure the person in charge reminds everyone to lift their sparklers straight up in the air, so that they don't inadvertently burn you or your new spouse.

3. Size Matters

Size matters. 20 inch sparklers are the only size we allow for our sparkler exits for safety. Small sparklers go out too quick, and large sparklers pose more danger of burns to the couple, guests and your vendors.

4. Sparkle & Shine

Pack multiple lighters for the day ... and then add a few more. Ahead of the event check the sparklers and make sure they're easily lit. Some of the sparklers that can be purchased are really challenging to get sparked up, so accounting for that time is important. As such, having enough lighters to get them all aglow in the most efficient way is extra important! Time is of the essence with a sparkler exit, so it's important to work through all of the kinks ahead of time and plan for hiccups.

5. Choreograph the Send Off

Confirm the time of the sendoff with your DJ so they can make an announcement to the guests when they're needed outside. It can be difficult to corral everyone, especially at the end of the night; have signage made as well so that guests have it on their radar ahead of time. After dinner, have your planner or a wedding party member place the signage, sparklers, and lighters in areas that can handle a lot of traffic will help streamline the process.

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6. Who's in Charge?

We recommend arranging for members of the wedding party to assist with getting everyone's sparklers lit up. Additionally, have few of your wedding party members prepared to help people get into formation with your wedding planner in the lead. Each location is different, but having two lines to flank the couple is the most impactful. Typically the photographer will have the big picture idea of what the formation needs to look like, so as always, being communicative with your photographer is huge!

7. Make Some Magic

Once your guests are informed and the sparklers have been lit, it's time to make some silver screen worthy magic! Enjoy the moment and don't rush. With so many moving pieces you'll want to give your photographer and potentially videographer time to snag a handful of great images. Pause at the end for the showstopper moment, and then head off to the rest of your lives together!

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