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Wedding Guest Favor Ideas for the Modern Couple | Wedding Planning

On the wedding planning to-do list, one task that often throws couples for a loop is selecting wedding guest favors. It can feel like a daunting task because everyone is used to receiving favors that they toss aside or leave behind as soon the day comes to a close. However, there are countless options for favors that your wedding guests will love. We're sharing our top tips for modern couples looking for unique wedding guest favors.

Functional Faves

The best way to make sure you get the most bang for your buck is to select favors that have a function either on the wedding day or after the event. Make your favors serve a dual purpose by attaching your escort cards to them. If using your favors as escort cards doesn't suit your fancy, subtle customization of items that can be used after the event is a foolproof way to infuse your wedding day theme and also ensure that no favors are left behind. Some of our favorite functional favors are:

  • Bottle openers - key shapes and other decorative pieces are perfect for attaching an escort card to with a ribbon.

  • Customized matchbooks -small, easy to travel with, and aesthetically pleasing, matchbooks with your wedding colors and names can be a great favor.

  • Mini plants - tiny succulents, baby spruce, or little seed packets are a great way to make sure your love keeps growing in all of your guests' homes after the wedding!

  • Hand sanitizer - the most modern twist on a favor is something none of us can leave home without! We recommend adding cute little wedding labels to jazz up this everyday item.

Local Flavor

Selecting local items wherever possible is a great way to make your wedding day more sustainable and share local favorites with your guests. Regardless of if your wedding is close to home or a far-flung destination, remember all of the things you love about your wedding location and use that as a starting point. Think of your favorite spots in town from bakeries and cafes to candle shops and specialty stores. Some of our favorites local treats that have been turned into favors are:

  • Chocolates or macarons - pop them in a box with a ribbon and wax seal to add a decorative element to your tablescapes.

  • Coffee or tea from a favorite cafe - a little post-wedding pick me up with a custom label (or even a custom name for the brew!) is a cute way to share your favorites and caffeinate your friends after the party.

  • Custom scented candles - we love the idea of a custom wedding scent, and connecting with a local candle maker can be a great way to send your guests home with a little piece to remember the day by.

Savor the Favors

Even after a day of delicious food and treats you can't go wrong with an edible take-home gift. For these delectable gifts it's all about jazzing up the packaging. For items your guests will serve up themselves, provide paper bags and be sure to stamp them with your new monogram or fun saying. There's no shortage of customization from labels to ribbons and wax seals!

  • Hot Cocoa Kit - pop a single serving of cocoa, marshmallows, and all of the accoutrement in a bag for cozy winter weddings.

  • Wine - a bottle of your favorite wine, complete with a custom label is a great way to make sure the party lives on long after the wedding day.

  • Honey and maple syrup - depending on the wedding date - honey in spring and summer and syrup in fall and winter - these sweet treats can be a great, seasonal takehome gift.

  • Popcorn or donuts - the dynamic duo of perfect post-wedding snacks that will be down the hatch before your guests check out of their hotel rooms the day after the wedding.

As you finalize your list of potential wedding favors remember to consider the needs of your guests. To avoid piles of rejected favors at the end of the night, be mindful of your guests’ post-wedding journeys. If you’re having a destination wedding steer clear of mini potted plants, glass vessels, or other items that may not travel well. Outside of that, remember to have fun! Giving gifts is always a joy, so channel some of that fun spirit into selecting items your guests will love so much they couldn't dream of leaving them behind at the end of the night!

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