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How to Prepare your Wedding Day Details | Pro Wedding Tips

When we think of wedding photos we think of blushing brides, smiling grooms, and packed dancefloors. These are the images that convey the heart and soul of the wedding. Detail shots, on the other hand, capture the essence of the day. They capture the look, feel, even smell of the day, immortalizing the less obvious, but ever so important, pieces of the day.

To capture magazine-worthy detail shots we have a few recommendations. Start by connecting with your photographer ahead of time to confirm that details are part of their shot list for the day. The florist should also be looped in, as detail photos are made all the prettier by adding a few floral elements. With advance notice, your florist can provide a few bits of greenery and loose blooms that may otherwise have been left on the cutting room floor. After the vendors are looped in, it's time to collect and prep your details.

Chloe Luka Photography

What Details to Bring:

#BDECouples have a fully detailed list on the "Wedding Checklist" of what to bring where and when. Here is a peek into what we recommend:

  • Meaningful heirloom elements - for this think about a grandma's bracelet, grandpa's favorite handkerchief, etc. Often this would be your "Something Old" or "Something Borrowed," and maybe it'll tick two boxes and be your "Something Blue" as well!

  • Perfume or cologne - the bottles add a beautiful touch, while also sharing the scent of the day. After all, scent is one of the most powerful memory triggers.

  • Jewelry, cufflinks, and other accessories - if you have them, bring the boxes they came in as well. They may be used as props in the shot.

  • Two copies of the full invitation suite - your beautiful stationery deserves some love and helps to capture the scene and feel of the event.

  • Bouquet and Boutonniere - floral elements for scent and aesthetic purposes are always a good idea. Have your florist deliver personal flowers and requested loose blooms right before or promptly when the photo team arrives.

  • Wedding Wear - wedding dress, veil, and tux or formal wear - all are part of the fabric of the day.

  • Shoes - capture those pristine beauties before you float down the aisle and dance the night away in them.

  • Vows or personal letters and gifts - these beautiful mementos are perfect additions to detail shots.

What Our Team Can Supply:

  • Ring Boxes

  • Decorative Trays

  • Vintage stamps

  • Antique ribbons and fabric

Danielle Harris Photography

How to Organize your Details:

Since the goal with these shots is to get them done before the items are needed, having everything in one place is helpful. We recommend that you and your betrothed each have a bundle of your personal details with you in the room where you're getting ready. The engagement ring and both wedding bands should be with the bride. The photographer and coordinator can bring the additional crossover items, decorative pieces, etc. to the various locations for shooting (given everyone is getting ready in the same location), but keeping each person's items separate is helpful!

When Will it Be Photographed?

The best time to snap all of the detail shots is while everyone is getting ready. Between snapping shots of the couple getting dolled up and dressed to the nines, the photographer can capture the intricate detail photos. We allot for one hour of shooting for wedding day details before any formal photos begin taking place. It takes a good amount of time to style, shoot and restyle the details to get all of these still photos, so it's best to plan for them to take place while everyone else is still preparing for portraits. By the time hair and makeup teams have left, the photographer will be prepared to pass off the details so the couple can put on their final touches.

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Aside from being a nice keepsake of the overall look and feel of the wedding day, detail shots are perfect for framing since they're essentially classic still life images. After the wedding, a gallery wall that has detail shots mixed in with portraits creates an elegant and artistic aesthetic for any room. For any future generations who weren't able to be there for the moment you and yours said "I do," these captured details can bring to life the overall feeling and even the smell of the day, immortalizing the moment for generations to come.

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