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5 Easy Steps to Choosing a Wedding Photographer

So, you're ready to book a photographer for your wedding?

We've compiled 5 easy steps to help you choose the wedding photographer that is right for you.

1. Decide what style you like most

  • Style Examples: Light & Airy, Dark & Moody, Vibrant or True to Life

2. Search for photographers that match your style

3. Narrow style-matched wedding photographers, to those that fit your budget

  • Our couples typically budget $3600-$10,000++ on a wedding photographer depending on their overall budget and needs

  • If you're a #BDEcouple, check out our recommended vendors list!

4. Schedule a Consultation

  • A consultation is a time that you can ask questions, and make sure your potential wedding photographer meshes with your personality. You will be spending 8-10+ hours with your photographer on the wedding day, including your most intimate moments, so it's important that you get along initially.

5. Ask the important questions to ensure it's a good fit

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