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Elevate your Guests' Destination Wedding Experience | Pro Wedding Tips

Chances are good that if you're planning a destination wedding you've chosen a place you love and a spot that you've been to a time or two. Whether your destination is a far off land abroad or somewhere a little closer to home, you can take your guests' experience to the next level with a few added touches. Consider you and your fiancé the experts; take a pause from booking caterers and arranging decor to elevate your guests' experiences.

Cinque Terre Destination Wedding

Curated Itineraries

No matter the destination you've chosen for your nuptials, nothing will make your guests feel more comfortable after their journey than a few of your insider tips. Curating suggested itineraries for your guests is one of those extra touches that will make a destination wedding trip go from great to spectacular. We recommend creating a suggested itinerary rather than a fully scheduled one, so people can still feel free to see the sites and do the things they may want to do on their own. Is there a favorite cafe you and your fiancé always pop into for morning coffee? An off the beaten path museum? What about that little place in town that all the locals go to for the most authentic food? Sharing your expertise on your wedding locale will make your guests feel like they're making the most of their trip.

Welcome Gifts From The Locale

We're absolutely crazy about sourcing local favorites (see more on that in our 5 tips to a sustainable wedding). It's one of the easiest ways to elevate your welcome gifts. Some of the most fun you can have on a trip is trying all of the goodies that are unique to that place, so pop in a little assortment of favorites for a fun treat for your guests. Whether that's some quirky candies for them to snack on after their busy days or a bottle of local wine, these thoughtful additions lend another element of fun to their stay.

Seville Spain Destination Wedding

Stock The Necessities

If you're going somewhere farther from home, consider packing a few backup items that people often forget when packing for a trip. Toothbrushes, deodorant, and converters for outlets are worth their weight in gold for a guest finding themself in a new country for the first time. If your budget doesn't permit one for each guest's welcome bag, we suggest stocking up on a handful of them and just letting guests know that if they need them you have them.

The Meal Deal

If you're looking for extra ways to make sure everyone is well taken care of when they come into town for your event, it's always a good idea to go the extra mile when feeding your guests. Be sure to check with the accommodations to see if they offer meals. Including that information with guests prior to their arrival will help them plan and budget in advance. If your budget permits, one way to elevate the guest experience for those family and friends who arrive early is to arrange a special meal or tasting experience. We love the idea of bringing in a local chef to cook a private meal or booking a gastronomic experience for your guests. A great jumping off point for affordable options is through Airbnb Experiences where you can find things like Mezcal and Mole in Mexico or a Roman food tour that ends with a meal at the chef's home in the country. Just pop in your date and location and the world is your oyster!

Every destination wedding budget is different, but small touches like suggestions of local favorites and packing extra necessities can take the guest experience from good to spectacular. As your nearest and dearest join you in your favorite place, help them make the most of it by elevating their trip with your expert touches. Your wedding will be an experience they'll never forget!

Seville Spain Destination Wedding

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