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How to Travel Without Cell Service | Destination Wedding Planner

Are you traveling to a remote location like Yosemite and you're worried about the cell signal? Maybe you have international plans for your nuptial celebrations and you're concerned not all your guests will know (or care) to add a temporary international plan for the trip? We've had unavoidable drops in service when traveling to some destinations, like Cuba, and had to get creative in our solutions.

Help put your guests and your own mind at ease with these tested tips!

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Get Around Without Cell Service

We've had great success using the app while traveling without cell service or internet access. A key first step is to download the app and subsequent maps prior to leaving for your destination. After downloading

the app, do a search for the country and city and in which you will be staying to download the subsequent map(s). Once downloaded, the map works offline on your phone. It even shows your current location, local

shops and allows you to drop pins! Try it at home before your travel to ensure you understand how it works. We highly encourage recommending a pre-download to your guests via your wedding website once you've tried it out.

Already traveling? Download the app and maps over wifi.

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How can I stay in Touch with my Guests

We've established you may have cellular disruption during your travels. Prior to jetting off, download the app, WhatsApp. This will allow you to communicate with your guests and vendors over wifi during your adventure.

Prior to leaving 'home base' at your destination, we suggest finding a few cafes or coffee shops where you can access free wifi. That way, you can set a time to reconvene, even if it's over messenger.

Upgrade Your Service

If it gives you anxiety to be without service, you might consider upgrading your cell phone plan for your travels by contacting your service provider, or purchasing a portable wifi block (compatible with the location you're traveling to). If you do upgrade your cell service, we still recommend having this apps downloaded prior to departing so that you are prepared incase things don't go as planned.

Click here for our starter guide on booking a hotel room block for your destination wedding guests

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Partially written for Desinations.Design

Photos: Chris J Evans Photography


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