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7 Questions to Find the Best Hotel to Host A Room Block | Travel Wedding and Event Planning

Are you hosting a wedding or event, in which many guests will be traveling to attend? These are our questions that will help prepare for your search to finding a hotel room block that fits your needs.

Destination Wedding Planner Italy
Venice, Italy

7 Questions to Find the Best Hotel to Host A Room Block

Are there particular hotels you are interested in? If you haven't already, start a search of hotels in or near the area you wish to host your guests.

Would you like to a block at two different hotels to give people with rewards options (ie: Hilton Honors vs Marriott)? 

How many people do you estimate are traveling to the event location from out of town?

How many nights do you want the hotel block for?

  • Several days for a destination wedding with guests traveling a long distance? The night before the event, and the event night? The event night only night? Will some of your guests be staying longer than others due to distance traveled? Maybe you want 20 rooms for 1 night and 10 rooms for 2 nights.

Is there any additional space you are looking for that you might be able to utilize the room block location for (ie: hair and makeup, welcome reception, day after brunch, rehearsal dinner, etc.)? How many rooms would you like? 

As the host, will you stay at the hotel on the event night? 

If you are already zeroed on in a location to host rooms for your wedding or event, click here for our 5 Key Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel Room Block, in Wedding Planning Tips

Photo: Bridget Davis Events, Edited by Danielle Harris Photography

Destination Location: Venice, Italy


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