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Pros and Cons of Holiday Weekend Weddings | Pro Wedding Tips

At first glance, the idea of a wedding on a holiday weekend seems like a gift from above. Not only can you wrap up two celebrations in one, but you also have extra time to do it! However, the list of pros and cons of a holiday weekend wedding can often be pretty equally stacked on both sides. We're breaking down some of the top reasons for and against holiday weekend weddings so you and your fiance can determine if a holiday wedding is right for you.

Christmas Wedding
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Bring on the holiday cheer!

Whether you're hoping to ring in the New Year with your nuptials, or plan to set sparks flying on the Fourth of July, getting married on a holiday weekend can be the ultimate celebration. Stacking one festivity onto another is peak party energy and can create an extra fun vibe for the event. Plus, it can serve as a theme to build the wedding around. Some of the pros of a holiday weekend wedding include:

  • No rush and extra travel time - Over a holiday weekend you can opt for a Sunday wedding and party 'til dawn without having to worry about guests leaving early to get ready for the workweek. Plus, there's additional built-in travel time for those making more of a trek to the wedding.

  • Multi-day celebrations - With more and more couples opting for several days of festivities, selecting a long weekend can allow more people to attend.

  • Save on decor - Depending on the venue and the holiday, you may be able to save money on decor by using what is already in place.

Holiday Wedding
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Ho-ho-hold off on the holidays.

For all of the great pros that can come with a holiday weekend wedding, there's an equally persuasive list of cons. From price hikes to vendor availability, we have a few of the most challenging elements that can accompany a holiday wedding:

  • Vendor availability - Even those who are used to working nights and weekends love (and deserve!) a good holiday like everyone else! Before committing to a holiday weekend wedding, check in with any non-negotiable vendors and venues. If you have a dream venue or must-have photographer that won't offer service on a holiday, you may have to make a choice between the holi-date and the vendor.

  • Holiday pricing - Vendors and venues that are available for holiday weddings will often have increased pricing. This can be a factor based on demand, but also could be based on the need to offer an incentive to employees to give up their holiday for your wedding.

  • Increased travel expenses - From increased hotel prices and limited availability to sky-high flight prices, the travel industry will never miss the opportunity to crank up their prices when the demand is high. While the additional time off may make travel more feasible for guests, in the end, it may be cost-prohibitive for some.

  • Ditch the decor - For some, preset holiday decor may be the perfect way to save a few pennies, for others it may not work at all. If a Christmas tree is out of the question as far as wedding decor for your big day, check with the venue to see if it must stay. Many venues will not remove decor just for your wedding day, so this could be a dealbreaker.

California Wedding Planner
Jordan Voth

Celebrating your wedding in conjunction with a holiday can add an extra element of magic. In fact, we love the idea of first dance under the fireworks on the Fourth or a dark and moody Halloween bash. For a low-key, flexible couple that is prepared to make some sacrifices on details to get a holiday weekend wedding, it can be a fun way to have an event (and anniversary) that is impossible to forget! On the other hand, couples with very clear plans, and non-negotiables about what the day will look like (and who will be there), it may not be the best idea. Either way, with a list of pros and cons to weigh, making a decision about whether or not to have a holiday weekend wedding can be one of the easier decisions in a long list of them!

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