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Newfields | An Indianapolis Art Museum Wedding

April 6, 2020

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21 Places to Change Your Last Name After Getting Married | Post Wedding Checklist

Congratulations, MRS.! Has it set in yet?!


Do you plan to take your new (or soon to be) husband's last name? 

Here's a checklist of 21 places to change your last name after getting married.


Here is a checklist of some important agencies and documents you'll want to be sure to change to your new name. Remember to get additional copies of your marriage certificate from the county clerk's office that your marriage licesne is filed with. Government agencies will require a certified copy: Some agencies will also require birth certificate, drivers license and/or other documents. You can check agency websites linked below for more information.






What agencies do I need to change my last name with after getting married?

Each business and agency will have their own regulations. 


Start with the Social Security Administration to  change your name with the federal government. 


Drivers License (DMV/BMV)

Indiana BMV requires change within 30 days of new name


Bank Accounts


Credit Cards

Cell Phone Carrier


Student Loans

Monthly Bills (Water, Gas, Electric, Television, Internet, etc...)


Licensing Boards

Employer (W-2)

Employee ID

Health Insurance

Car Insurance

Life Insurance
Legal Wills and other personal legal documents

Home Owners Insurance

Mortgage Company

Deed: If you own your home / carry a mortgage you'll need to change your name on the deed as well as with the mortgage firm. You may need to file a new homestead exemption  - inquire within your local government agency.  

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