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Should I Do a First Look on My Wedding Day? | Wedding Timeline Planning

Should I do a first look on my wedding day? While we do recommend a first look, it's a very personal choice. Scroll for more information on what a first look is and why we recommend it to maximize your wedding day timeline.

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What is First Look?

A first look takes place prior to the wedding ceremony; you and your fiancé see each other for the first time, before you walk down the aisle. While this is considered untraditional in modern society, it is growing in popularity. We more often see couples doing a first look, than not. Here's why:

Why do couples choose a first look?

The first look allows you to get the most out of your day. How?

  1. Your hair and makeup are fresh and perfect.

  2. A first look on the wedding day gives you and your fiancé an opportunity to see one another prior to the ceremony and rest your nerves. Couples relax almost instantly after seeing their partner.

  3. The first look allows you to have 10-15 minutes plus alone (plus your photographer and planner), before your day starts to unfold at a rapid pace. This time is likely the only time you will have alone together on the wedding day.

  4. PHOTOS! We should probably list this as number one. The first look gives you more time for photos with you and your new spouse on the wedding day. It allows the day to unfold with a little less stress and gives you more time to snuggle up and capture those images you will cherish for a lifetime to come. You've probably invested a significant amount in photography, this helps you get the most out of that investment.

Don't they miss that "first time" down the aisle feeling?

We've asked our former brides and grooms (now husband and wife, awwww): the answer is "no". They almost get to have that feeling and reaction twice: Once during the first look (privately), and again when they meet down the aisle. The anticipation of walking down the aisle with all of your family and friends present, and the grand escort; it still gives you all the feels with the realization that you are in-fact getting married.

Have couples regretted not doing a first look?

There have been a select few brides that have contacted us to say they wish they would have done a first look. Upon looking back on their wedding day, they wish they would have had more time for photos and not of felt so rushed after the ceremony.

How do you decide if a first look on your wedding day is right for you?

Only you can decide that! Talk to your fiancé and decide what makes the most sense for you both. We suggest comparing a timeline with and without a first look to help you make this decision. Consult the pros to ensure enough time is included for each important part of the day.

Are you a #BDECouple needing more guidance? Let's chat about what works best for you!

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