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Ideas for the Perfect Bachelorette or Bachelor Party | Pro Wedding Tips

Of all the events that come with a wedding, one that often receives the most hype is the bachelor/ bachelorette party. There can be huge pressure to plan the perfect celebration of your beloved groom or bride-to-be's last hurrah as a singleton. As with all things wedding related, there's not a black and white playbook to follow and the best way to hit a homerun is to plan thoughtfully and in a way that honors the personality of the individual rather than a cookie-cutter celebration. Whether you're planning an epic party or a low-key pampering session, we have some tips for planning the perfect bachelorette or bachelor party.

Bachelorette Party Ideas
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Dive into the Details

First things first, identify the big picture pieces. Will you be planning a full weekend bachelorette party, an overnight event, or a single-day celebration? This can be determined based on the attendees and location, among other things like budget and the expectations of the betrothed. If you are looking to plan a multi-day celebration, follow the lead of wedding protocol and get a formal save-the-date (or even a more informal email!) out to all of the invitees.

Regardless of the type of bachelor/bachelorette party, location, dates, etc. be sure to send an invitation to those guests whose attendance is expected. In a post-Covid world it seems everyone is busier than ever as two years' worth of events are finally coming to fruition, so it's good to get the event on attendees' calendars sooner than later. Whether you're planning to host the events at your home or a separate location we also recommend booking any vendors, locations, or non-negotiable bits in advance.

Destination Wedding Bachelorette Party

Streamline the Celebrations

In the typical cadence of pre-wedding events, the bach party typically falls a few weeks before the big day. However, if the soon-to-be-married besties are all going to travel from far flung locations stateside and abroad to attend the event, it can make more sense to tack it onto the wedding weekend. Don't feel constrained by the specifics of the location. For example, if the couple is tying the knot in the French countryside, consider meeting first in Paris for the party before traveling together to the wedding location.

Adding the bach party to the wedding week can also be a great alternative for couples who want to maximize time with their besties and loop all the costs together. Perfect for destination weddings, this allows for guests of both events to fly in earlier and really soak up all that the locale has to offer. Joint bachelor/bachelorette parties thrive in this situation, so don't be afraid to bring up the idea of mixing the two events if the couple is on board. We only recommend taking this approach if the celebrations will be taking place a minimum of 2-3 days before the wedding to ensure everyone is able to fully celebrate and look their best on the wedding day! Keep those hang-overs and puffy under eyes at bay for the big day.

Indianapolis Cocktail Making Class

A Few of Our Favorite Things

When it comes to planning a bachelor/ bachelorette party for your special gal or guy, the sky's the limit. Whether the event is a single day, an overnight, or all weekend affair, it's fun to play with scheduling a few different activities and meals. Brunch is always a good idea and a perfect way to kick off the event. This can be a great way for the gang to get to know each other early in the day. From there, hone in on the bride's favorite things. Whether that's wine and cooking, film and picnics, or spas and pampering, build out the schedule of events with activities that will honor them and their interests to really make it an event to remember. We have a few favorite ideas to get you started:

  • Staycation party at a boutique hotel near all the best the city has to offer

  • Spa Day, because you really can't ever go wrong with this one

  • Backyard movie night with interactive treat stations - build your own popcorn station, candy bag, s'mores, loaded cocktails, elegant or junk food-filled charcuterie boards, etc.

  • Floral design classes or workshops with local artisans

  • All inclusive trip to a tropical location

  • Airbnb Experiences - whether you're in Palm Springs or Positano, this will open up incredible experiences with locals that will make a huge splash.

Experiences & Activities

Are you looking for something different in your home town or a new city? We recommend connecting with local businesses to arrange custom experiences! These businesses are located in Indianapolis, but you can search for similar experiences in other destination wedding cities. Here are a couple of our favorites:

"How-To" Experiences:

  • Cocktail Making class with Mirth & Myrrh

    • Bring the cocktails to your home or a rented space and learn to make your favorite sipper or special themed cocktail. It's a great way to kick off an evening before hitting the town

  • Sushi Making Class with Sushi Boss

    • Take the show on the road or bring it home. Live Sushi lessons, and the best part is you get to eat it after!

  • Pastry Making with Gallery Pastry Bar

    • Choose a Croissant, Macaroon or Cake making class with Gallery Pastry Bar! This interactive class is done onsite at Gallery and includes champagne cheers and delectable treats. Fair fore-warning, rolling those croissants is no joke, but it does make for lots of laughs!


Bachelorette Party Inspiration
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Planning the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party for your bestie can be an absolute blast! There's no reason to plan a cookie-cutter event when there are so many ways to curate a truly unique and special day (or days!) for the bride or groom-to-be. With a little planning and a few personal touches, you'll send your bestie down the aisle into their forever, knowing they had the best send-off party imaginable.

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