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5 Unique Ways to ask your Bridesmaids to Join the Wedding Party | Wedding Planning Tips

If you've been in a wedding (or been on Instagram) in the last couple of years, you are probably familiar with the growing trend of grand proposals. But we're not talking about the happy couple ... we're talking about brides-to-be popping the question to their bridal party. From customized clothing and treats to fully stocked gift boxes, there is no shortage of fun ways to pop the question to your friends. Here are 5 of our favorite unique ways to ask your bridesmaids to join the wedding party.

Bridesmaids Robes
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1. Dinner and a Movie

Any excuse to have a chic dinner party is fine by us! Now add in delicious food (take-out still counts!), all your closest friends and you're in for a night to remember even before you pop the question! This one works best if your bridesmaids-to-be all live fairly close to you so you can ask as many as possible at once to avoid spoiling the surprise. Extra points for a themed dinner based on a destination wedding location! Imagine popping the question to your future bridal party over a feast of local favorites from your upcoming destination location. Follow that with a movie from the same location or a wedding-themed classic like Father of the Bride or Bridesmaids.

2. Curated Gift Box

We love a thoughtfully curated gift box for a number of occasions, and asking your friends and loved ones to join your bridal party is no different! This is a great way to pamper your friends a little in preparation for all of the things they'll help you with. The world is your oyster, but some great items to include are candles, something sweet, a mini champagne bottle, and if you're having a destination or multicultural wedding, this is a great time to share some unique treats and items that will pair with the day. Pop in a cute message with your proposal and stand by for those phone calls to come rolling in with all of the yes's. If you're too busy to put one together yourself, check out a curated gifting site like Something Splendid Co,

Bridesmaids Gifts
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3. Custom Robes or Pajamas

When it comes to the morning of the wedding, few things come in handier than a good robe or button-up PJ set! They're easy to slip on and off for hair and makeup, and when it comes to photos, they make the group look cohesive. Whether you opt for custom monograms, chic satin, or bold florals, gifting these to your girls as part of your proposal can be a great way to make them feel valued from word go. Just be sure to remind them a few days prior to the wedding to remember to pack their items in their wedding day bag!

California Wedding Planner
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4. Tasty Treats

Who can say "no" to a message written on a good treat? When it comes to messages on food, if you can think of it, you can probably find a way to write on it. From Sugarfina gummies to custom bakes like macarons from Macs Well or cookies from a local bakery like Sugar Bar, and even wine with custom labels the world is your oyster with these edible treats. Fill their bellies and their hearts when you pop the question on one of their favorite foods (or drinks)!

Custom Wedding Cookies
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5. Say it with Coffee

If splurging for big gestures or custom items isn't in your budget, or isn't quite your style, fear not! Sometimes the simple things in life are the most special, so invite each of your girls (or guys) out for a coffee and ask there. For those who live farther away, a virtual coffee date is just as special and can be a great way to make them feel valued and included from the start. Since you can't treat them in person, extra points for sending them their favorite cup of coffee or tea from DoorDash!

How to ask your bridesmaids
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Whether you opt for a grand gesture or an intimate conversation, the way you ask your loved ones to stand by your side can be a great way to set the tone for all of the wedding festivities to come. It's also a great way to let them know how much you value and appreciate them in advance of all they will do to ensure your wedding day flows smoothly!.

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