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Selecting Linens For Your Wedding | Wedding Planning & Design Tips

Table linens - seemingly such a small piece of a big day, but they pack such a punch and serve such an important purpose, that they require more than just a passing thought. Whether you're going with rustic farm tables or traditional rounds, you're going to need at least a few items on your linen order.

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Connect With The Caterer

Linens can be acquired through a variety of avenues. Whether you're looking for traditional or specialty linens we recommend starting by asking your caterer what size and quantity you'll need. It's also worth discussing if they facilitate linen rental or have any rental companies they recommend. Oftentimes they're familiar with local vendors who provide a variety of options and they can assist in the process of linen selection and ordering.

This is also a great time to confirm with your caterer if they are setting up all of the linens, napkins, etc. Typically this is looped into their pricing for the event, but it's best to confirm ahead of time. If you're bringing in linens from a rental company that sends them by mail, or picking up your own linens from somewhere local, be sure to establish a plan with the caterers and your planner for the end of the night. You'll want to delegate someone to arrange for the returns if the caterer is not taking care of it.

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Something Special

If lush velvets, luxurious patterns, and magazine editorial-worthy tablescapes are part of your wedding day vision, you may want to look to specialty linen companies for outside-the-box options. These types of linens will cost more than traditional polyester, but the visual impact will be huge. Few places have a more spectacular selection than BBJ and La Tavola Fine Linen. For the budget-conscious, a great option is to order a specialty linen for the head table or sweetheart table and opt for a more cost-effective style of linens for the guest tables. If you're looking to go the specialty route, the vendor will arrange for the shipping and return label, but you'll still want to connect with your wedding day team of vendors. Create a plan for who will facilitate that process of receiving and returning the linens.

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Sample It

Don't be afraid to request samples or go spend some time in a linen showroom. Once you have your eyes and hands on the fabric you'll be able to pick a winner much more easily! You may find that one fabric you thought you loved isn't the right fit, or discover a fabric you never dreamed you'd fall in love with. This is a great way to decide if mixing and matching fabrics, textures, and patterns will work for you as well! We love the idea of mixing styles and having one fabric for the table linen and a secondary fabric type for the napkins. This contrast can instantly elevate a tablescape.

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Before You Order

Before placing your order, be sure to account for additional linens such as those for buffet tables, a bar, gift and cake tables, etc. If you're not sure where to start, Brides shared The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Linen Rentals which has a breakdown of each and every option. They cover fabric types, sizing, and various linen types in a way that will have you ordering samples and making decisions in no time!

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