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Engagement Session Fashion Guide | Pro Wedding Tips

So, the question has been popped, the photographer selected, and the engagement shoot booked. Now it's time for the all-important task of choosing what you and your fiance will wear! Your engagement photos will not only capture this magical time forever, but may also make the rounds on save the dates, invitations, and holiday cards, among other things. With that in mind, making savvy sartorial choices regarding your styling can be crucial. To help get you started, we've created an engagement session fashion guide.

Charleston Engagement
Danielle Harris Photography

Lean Into Your Style

It can be easy to fall into the trap of selecting looks just because they are on trend for engagement photos. Whether you’re a person who loves bold colors, is a beige babe, or someone who hates dresses, the most important thing is that you select a look that feels like you. If you’re uncomfortable the camera can see it. By leaning into your personal style, you’ll exude confidence. Plus you want these photos to properly represent you and your partner!

With that said, buying something perfect for the shoot or bringing out an old favorite from your closet archives should still take a little thought. Ahead of the shoot, do a test run around the house. Make sure things fit how you want them, are comfortable for the setting you'll be in, and are compatible as a pair of looks, not just on their own.

Casual Engagement Attire
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Casual Coordination

We all know the family photos of the 2000s where everyone is in matching looks. Just the thought sends a shiver down our spine. While there's much to be said for not clashing with your partner in a photo, there's a fine line between matchy-matchy looks and perfectly compatible looks and it's our goal to keep you on the perfectly compatible side of the line.

One way to start to gauge your style is to look at other engagement photos, from those shot by your photographer of choice, to celebrities you love, and start to see what looks work well or feel like you and your partner. Once you've identified a general vibe that speaks to you, hit the pavement with items that work within your style. White is always and easy choice for coordinating, and it helps that it's perfectly bridal. If one of you is wearing a pattern try to pick a single color out of that for your partner. Outside of color choices, be sure to choose items that live in the same world - they should mirror each other in seasonality, formality, and overall vibe.

Engagement picnic
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Location, Location, Location

We recommend locking in your shoot locations with your photographer and how many outfit changes they'll allow, prior to selecting your engagement shoot looks. A little juxtaposition of vibes can have a fun effect, but for the most part, you want to match the vibe of the location with the formality of your outfit choices and vice versa. Formal looks will pair well with an estate while casual (but still polished!) looks will pair well with a field or forest. And don't forget to consider your shoe choices! Here are a few of our favorite bridal shoe choices that have great options for engagement shoots as well!

Pair’s Engagement
Danielle Harris Photography

A Starting Point

The world is your oyster when it comes to selecting brands and styles that will work well for you and your partner, but we've made a shortlist of a few of our current favorite brands. These brands provide classic looks

Hill House - Known for their Nap Dress, this brand can be seen everywhere from brunch to members of the royal family. Their style is distinctly feminine and touted for just how comfy it is! A perfect way to look like a million bucks, while feeling like you're wrapped in a cloud.

Todd Snyder - Speaking of looking and feeling like a million bucks - Todd Snyder is the go-to destination for cool guys. From Chris Evans to the trendy guy on your Instagram feed, this brand has become synonymous with playful takes on classic styles. For more casual settings, their polos are perfect, while their suiting will kick the look up a notch, and be a great addition to the closet!

Reformation - For a sustainable approach to engagement shoot dressing the best option is to shop your closet, but if you're looking for something new look no further than Reformation. Whether you're looking for a dress or separates, the brand has a plethora of pieces that can transition from your shoot to your everyday life.

If none of those strike your fancy, Vogue created a list of 7 looks based on as many styles to get you started. Additionally, you can book Styling Services through Over The Moon, not only for your engagement photos, but for your entire wedding!

Engagement Photos Indianapolis
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As with most things wedding related, there are few hard and fast rules. Most of the big choices always come down to one very important rule of thumb - choosing what you love. Selecting styles you love and feel comfortable in, even if they're not the most trendy or popular will always make for the most beautiful photos. Add a beautiful location and an excellent photographer, and your engagement photos will be the perfect visual representation of your love story.

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