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Compiling your Guest List | Wedding Planning Tips

When you've created your master guest list of everyone you'd like to invite to your wedding, it's time to take that a step further by gathering and compiling addresses and other important contact information.

Gather & Organize:

We recommend using Microsoft Excel or a similar program to input your gathered information into a spreadsheet.

When you are organzing your spreadhseet, use headings that can be easily separated for each entry (ie: Title, First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, etc...). This will allow you to easily transfer data to your callilgrapher, invitation stylist or print house (like Minted). #BDECouples, check the vendor recommendations for our Minted Discount Code and list of fabulous custom desginers. Our couples also have access to pre-made spreadsheets in the custom client portals.


If you are gathering personal information for your guests instead of pulling information from a good ole' paper address book, include phone number and email address in your digital entries. You'll have access to quick contact information if the unexpected occurs, like tracking down last minute guests or you're in the position of making a tough postponement decision.

Destination Weddings: This is especially great information for you and your planner to have on hand incase any travel plans change or emergencies arise.

Thank Yourself Now

Thank yourself now for the stress you will avoid later! Compiling this information in an organized fashion will have you feeling blessed when you are tracking RSVPs or creating seating charts. Our team uses this information to track RSVPs, complete seating for your catering team at a later date. You're building

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