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Hosting a Wedding or Event During the Corona Virus Pandemic | Indianapolis Wedding Planner

Are you considering hosting a wedding or event during the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic?

If you are hosting a wedding or event during COVID-19, here are some resources that will help you navigate the mandates and suggestions from agencies, to help you host safely.

Many local governments require following of the CDC Guidelines

Marion County Health Department (Events in Indianapolis)

Click "Public Health Orders" and Public Order 3 (updated as of February 2021)

Scroll for more ideas on ways you can make you and your guests feel comfortable gathering!

Gatherings During Corona Virus

What else can I do to make my gathering safe during the Corona Virus pandemic?

1. Move your events outdoors to open air if possible

We always recommend a back up plan for inclement weather if moving your event outdoors.

If your event is indoors, ask your venue what they can do for airflow.

2. Temperature check guests at the entry

If your venue is not already doing this, you may consider hiring a security team or nurse to fill this role. Currently the general rule is 100 degrees or above would not be granted entry to the gathering. Check with local and state regulations.

3. Provide masks for your guests

Make disposable masks available for your guests to help others feel at ease and gives guests a back up incase one is forgotten

Pro Tip: Make the masks your own by ordering custom masks with your names and special dates printed on the front

4. Place wrist bands at the entry to your event with a color coded guide

Only place codes that you are comfortable with your guests using and take your local mandates into consideration (ie: if 6 feet if distance is required, the first code should be removed).

Here's an example of a guide and color code for wrist bands:

Sage: Ready for Hugs

White: Elbow Bumps are my Jam

Pink: I'll wave from 6 feet away

5. Place Hand Sanitizing Stations Throughout the Space

Place hand sanitizing stations in high traffic areas:

ie: Entry, Guest Book, Gift Table, Bars

6. Ceremony & Reception Seating

Socially Distance chairs and rows for the ceremony. If you are getting married in a church, block off every other row of pews.

Ensure tables are 6 feet apart during the reception portion of the celebrations. Take it a step further and only place guests from the same household at a table. This may require the addition of some tables at your event or a decrease in your guest count.

7. Offer a Seated Meal and Dessert Service

Buffets are a high touch, high traffic area. Instead, offer a seated/ plated meal for your guests. Keep this service consistent by offering cake service, table side.

Pro Tip: If you decide to move forward with a buffet, add attendants from the catering company to serve at each station so that only one person is touching utensils instead of each and every guest. This also elevates a buffet or stations dinner.

8. Add a virtual live stream of your wedding or event!

You may have guests that feel uncomfortable or that are unable to attend your event. Adding a live stream to the day will allow your loved ones to witness your celebrations in real time and will allow you to go back and visit their comments and well wishes at a later date (depending on the platform).

9. Give Each Portion of the Day Extra Time

Your vendors are likely working very hard to keep up to date on best practices to ensure the health and safety of you, your guests and their own teams. These added safety measures may mean services take a little bit more time than usual

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