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How to Get Your Indiana Marriage License During COVID-19 | Indianapolis Wedding Planner

We are living in an ever changing world. Many couples are dealing with the devastating reality of moving or cancelling one of the most special days of their lives due to Covid-19. Months or even years of planning and the new beginning of a life together has suddenly been postponed. While we can't gather together in one room to celebrate your love, there's still a silver lining. The Indiana state government has opened marriage licenses back up for the general public.

Maybe your wedding date has sentimental meaning, or you want to continue building your life's journey with your fiance while the world continues to evolve. While you are awaiting that once in a lifetime celebration with your loved ones, you may want to consider moving forward with a legal ceremony. We've compiled all the information you need below.

Covid Wedding

How to Get Your Indiana Marriage License During COVID-19 | Indiana Wedding Planner

Apply for a Marriage License| Indiana Wedding Planning

The following instructions apply for Marion County. If you live in another county, please scroll to the bottom of this post for a link to other county websites and instructions.

  • If you live in Indiana, you must apply for a marriage license in the county that either you or your future reside in.

  • If you live out of state, you must apply in the county you are getting married. in.

Step 1

Schedule a marriage license appointment

*You must complete Step 1 first!

  • If you are going to get married soon, an in person appointment is the best/quickest option to receive your license the same day. Please follow this link to schedule your in person appointment: these are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:15am- 3:45pm.

  • Virtual appointments may be scheduled for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 8:30am-3:30pm. Your license would be mailed out after the virtual appointment and could take 1-2 weeks to receive. Email with an email subject line, "Marriage License Appointment".

Step 2

Fill out the online application for an Indiana Marriage License

*As of April 18, 2020, our couples were told to reach out 30 days prior to their intended wedding date, instead of the 60 days normally allowed.

Step 3

Contact your officiant. Set up a place and time where a safe social distance of at least 6-10 feet can be accommodated for all parties to feel comfortable moving forward (ensuring you are following the gathering guidelines, where you are located). Some officiants are even taking virtual appointments

Pro Tip: Marion County only requires the couple and officiant to be present for a marriage to be legal, while some counties require a witness for each of the betrothed.

Step 4

Follow your county’s return instructions. Make a note of how you should obtain the marriage certificate from your county

A marriage certificate is the legal, notarized document you receive from the government once your license has been sent back to and processed at the County Clerk's Office.

Follow this link to our original post on obtaining your Indiana Marriage License for the documents you will need. You can find information about changing your last name after you've obtained your marriage certificate here.

Changes to this Process

Things are changing day by day, thus these instructions may change, as the government changes their processes and regulations during Covid-19. If you find that the process has changed, please send an email to, so we can continue to help other couples accurately navigate this process.

Additional Indiana County's Marriage License Instructions and links:

Marion County Clerk’s Office Contact Information:

Phone: 317-327-4740 | Email:


City-County Building

200 E. Washington St.

Suite W122

Indianapolis, IN 46204

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