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How to Give the Perfect Wedding Toast | Wedding Planner Tips

How to Give the Perfect Toast

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Crafting the Perfect Wedding Toast

Crafting the perfect toast can prove to be quite difficult. Weather you are a parent, wedding party member or someone near and dear, you've come to the right place. We've seen hundreds of toasts, and the great ones always stand out.

A wedding toast is an opportunity to honor and celebrate the newlywed couple, while capturing the hearts of everyone in the room. It's a chance to express heartfelt sentiments, share a funny anecdote, and offer some valuable advice for their journey ahead. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the art of creating the perfect toast that is short, sweet, and captures the essence of love and joy on this special day.

How to Give the Perfect Wedding Toast

1. Keep It Short and Sweet:

Toasts are best when they're concise and engaging. Remember, the attention of the guests is on you, so make sure your words are captivating and impactful. Aim for a toast that lasts around two to three minutes, allowing enough time for others to give their toasts too.

Pro tip: Keep the mic close to your mouth so everyone can hear the wonderful things you have to say!

2. Share a Meaningful Anecdote:

Add a personal touch by sharing a heartfelt story or anecdote about the bride and/or groom. It could be about how they met, a memorable adventure they embarked on, or a funny incident that showcases their unique bond. This will bring warmth and laughter to the moment, making it memorable for everyone.

3. Celebrate Their Compatibility:

Highlight why the couple is so great together and how they complement each other. Emphasize their shared values, strengths, and how they bring out the best in one another. By showcasing their compatibility, you'll remind everyone why their union is truly special.

4. Offer Marital Advice:

Imparting a nugget of wisdom for a happy and successful marriage adds depth to your toast. Choose a valuable lesson you've learned from your own experience or draw inspiration from timeless advice. Keep it concise and relatable, ensuring that it resonates with the couple and the guests alike.

5. Keeping Each Other Happy:

Suggest a lighthearted tip on how to keep the other person happy. It could be a playful gesture, like the father of the bride jokingly telling the groom, "You'll have a long, happy life of giving Kaity head tickles to fall asleep." This adds a touch of humor while symbolizing the importance of love, care, and little acts of kindness in a marriage.

6. Closing:

As you wrap up your toast, invite everyone to raise their glasses in a celebratory cheer. You could say, "Please raise your glass to Mr. and Mrs. [Last Name], the newlyweds, to a long and happy marriage, and the beautiful journey they're about to embark upon together." This will bring everyone together in a heartfelt moment of unity and love.

Cheers to Forever!

Crafting the perfect wedding toast is an art that combines brevity, sentiment, and a touch of humor. By keeping it short and sweet, sharing a meaningful anecdote, celebrating the couple's compatibility or offering marital advice, and ending with a heartfelt toast, you'll create a cherished memory for the newlyweds and leave a lasting impression on all who are present. Remember, it's a privilege to raise your glass in honor of their love, so embrace the opportunity with joy and sincerity. Cheers to forever!


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